You’re not going to feel motivated every single day. Try focusing on this instead

You’re not going to feel motivated every single day. Try focusing on this instead

With most if not all of us setting New Year’s Resolutions, including goals of happiness and success, motivation will be key to achieving these through 2020 and beyond. But motivation is hard; it’s hard to keep up day after day. If it were easy we’d all be happy and successful!

So if you want more happiness and success, health and wellbeing, instead of focusing on motivation why don’t you try this instead…

via the Ladders by Nicolas Cole

It’s taken me a long time to learn that motivation isn’t an external source of inspiration.

It’s an inner quiet you have to practice listening to.

People get unmotivated when they expect to always be filled with “motivation.”
We talk about Motivation like it’s this fiery, relentless, never-ending source of rampaging drive that is as addictive as any drug, as warm as any love, and as uncontrollable and brilliant as any creator that has come before us.

We think it’s supposed to never end, and when it does, we suddenly wonder and feel very confused as to why we are “unmotivated.”

That’s not how motivation works.

Motivation is the little voice inside your head that reminds you of what really matters.

It’s the struggle to sit through an entire movie without pulling out a notepad to jot down an idea.

It’s the feeling guilty for going out with your friends when you know you’re so close to finishing a project you’ve been working on for a while now.

It’s why you wake up every morning and go to sleep every night thinking about what you want to create.

You might not wake up gung-ho and leaping towards your desk to get to work, and you might not be an insomniac obsessing about your ideas at night — you might fall asleep in seconds and not think twice about it.

This doesn’t mean you are “unmotivated.”
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