5 ways to be upbeat

5 ways to be upbeat

via the Guardian by Nell Frizzell

Writing down the good things that have happened during the day, getting out into nature and setting realistic goals can all help you achieve a more positive outlook

Nell Frizzell

Have realistic aims

Many of us would like to be happier, but there is no quick fix. “I would argue that becoming upbeat is an action,” says Dr Melanie Rendall, the principal clinical psychologist at the Homerton University Hospital NHS foundation trust. “It is learning to take that small step in a direction that moves us towards what is important to us, and making space on that journey for a mind that will invariably throw all sorts of nonsense at us to send us off course.” Pressure to feel a certain way – what Rendall calls the “shoulds, oughts and musts” of a goal-oriented culture and relentless self-comparison – can lead us further away from what we truly value and what might really make us happy. So, rather than aiming to be happy in the future, take little actions now that make you feel better.

Count your blessings

“Gratitude work is one of the most effective ways to increase happiness,” says Sally Baker, a senior therapist at Working on the Body. “At the end of your day, preferably just before sleep, jot down in a notebook all the things that happened to you during the day that you are grateful for. In challenging times, it can be difficult to recall anything to feel grateful for, but as you commit to this nightly process more things will come to mind.” Barker says doing this for three weeks will significantly affect the way you view your life…

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