7 things mentally strong people don’t waste time doing, according to a psychotherapist

7 things mentally strong people don’t waste time doing, according to a psychotherapist

Happiness comes easily to some.

But for many, happiness takes some work; hard work.

Happiness requires mental strength; and this great article outlines a few of the things NOT to waste time on…

via Business Insider by Amy Morin

Some people seem to think that being strong means being able to do anything and everything. But the truth is that mentally strong people are essentialists. They don’t feel the need to try to be all things to all people. Instead, they put their time and energy into the things that matter most.

They say no to things that might distract them from their goals, and they refuse to waste their valuable energy on things that don’t really matter. Here are seven things mentally strong people don’t waste time doing:

1. Worrying about what others think

Worrying about other people’s opinions and fearing their judgment will impact every aspect of your life, from what you wear to how you parent your kids. It can cause you to avoid taking risks and doing things where you might get criticised or rejected – like applying for a new job or speaking up to someone who hurt you.

Mentally strong people don’t make it their job to make other people happy. They’re confident in who they are, and they ensure that their priorities are in line with their values. They focus their efforts on reaching goals and doing their best, regardless of what other people think.

2. Overthinking things

You won’t catch a mentally strong person stuck in analysis paralysis. They refuse to overthink things. Instead, they evaluate their options and take action.

They know the risks they take and that the choices they make won’t always be perfect. But they have confidence that they will be ok no matter what happens.

3. Beating themselves up

Mentally strong people accept full responsibility for their actions. But they don’t engage in toxic self-blame.

They refuse to beat themselves up for their mistakes, because they know that harsh self-criticism isn’t effective. Instead, they know that self-compassion is the key to doing better, and so they choose to speak to forgive themselves when they mess up…

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