How to Hold on to Happiness When Your World Collapses

How to Hold on to Happiness When Your World Collapses

via Psychology Today by Sonja Lyubomirsky

During the past two decades, psychological research has revealed that the key to a happy life is to experience bursts of positive emotion throughout the day.

Positive emotions don’t just make us feel good, they broaden our horizons and build our social, physical, and intellectual skills. An avalanche of studies has shown that happy moments and uplifts—no matter what their source—lead us to be more sociable and likable, more productive and energetic, more active and resourceful, more healthy and resilient, and more helpful, friendly and creative.article continues after advertisement

Now that the whole world is self-isolating and social distancing, with perpetual worries, uncertaincies, and disruptions in our daily lives, it is even more important that we generate a stream of positive emotion boosts throughout the day. But how do we do it?

I considered describing in detail dozens of empirical studies that hold implications for how to weather these trying times and maintain and even increase our happiness. Instead, I offer a simple evidence-based 4-week guide, which suggests 3 activities that we can try every week that will leave us feeling happier, healthier, and more uplifted during these trying, crisis-filled times.

If you enjoy and benefit from these suggestions, share your favorites via video chat, phone, text, or social media or create your own variations and tell me about them.

Good Luck!


Step 1: Practice gratitude.

It’s not easy to be grateful during challenging times, but gratitude is one of the best antidotes to negative emotions like fear and dismay. One step you can take is to keep a gratitude log or journal: When you wake up in the morning, jot down a few things that you’re grateful for that day. It could be anything— from the mundane (your flowers are finally in bloom) to the magnificent (your child’s first steps). And if there’s a particular individual who has been supportive or helpful to you during the COVID-19 outbreak, don’t wait to express your appreciation. Call them today and thank them. You will feel not only happier and more connected, but inspired to be a better person.

Step 2: Be optimistic.

This is not easy, but whenever possible during the day, consider the bright side of a situation, look for the silver lining in the adversity today, and notice what’s right rather than what’s wrong. Once a week, you might also like to jot down in a journal your dreams for the best possible future for yourself—whether in 1 year or in 10 years. You’ll be surprised how uplifted you feel…

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