Ten Rules of Happiness from Japan

Ten Rules of Happiness from Japan

We might not be able to travel at the moment, but we can still read about and learn from other cultures. And this great article provides some great tips for happiness from Japan…

via Elvira Barucija

Here we are going to share ten rules of happiness according to the Japanese culture. Japanese Ichigo ichie can be translated to English as “Once, a meeting” or “In this moment, an opportunity.” The meaning behind Ichigo ichie is that each experience and meeting that we have should be perceived as a true treasure that will never come again in the same form and it will never be repeated. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss on the joy in a moment that will be forever lost once it’s passed.

Once you are aware of Ichigo ichie you will develop an awareness of each morning and each day spent in this world, every moment you share with your family members, friends and loved ones. You will realize the value of these moments and the importance of giving your full attention.

The practice of Ichigo ichie will allow you to live fulfilled, happier life without the weight of the past or anxieties that the future might bring. You live life while staying present and acknowledge and appreciate the gift that every moment gives you.

These are ten main principles of Japanese philosophy that can lead to a fulfilled and happy life.

  1. You live only once, and you should live as if the experiences in your life are going to happen only once. This is the reason why it’s inspiring to greet and say goodbye to the ones we love. There is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime spirit surrounding each meeting in our life.
  2. Each opportunity comes only once and if you don’t embrace that opportunity, it will be lost forever. Life is now or never. Grab each opportunity with both hands and don’t let go.
  3. Do things you have never have done before. Einstein said that you can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect the same results. This is in line with the Japanese philosophy of happiness. Having unforgettable moments means allowing something new to happen in your life, not just living a life while being stuck in a routine.

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