Five Keys To Maintaining A Positive Mindset

Five Keys To Maintaining A Positive Mindset

You can’t be happy and positive ALL the time; and you shouldn’t expect to be either.

But happiness is definitely worth striving for as often as possible; and you’ll not achieve this without a (realistically) positive mindset…

via Forbes by Clara Capano

During times of change and challenge, our thoughts can become negative. We can fall into a victim mentality and become paralyzed by fear and uncertainty. This can really hurt our productivity and our general well-being. Here are five tips to help you maintain a positive mindset when the world around you feels like it is caving in:

1. Bookend your day with gratitude. How we start and end our days is critical to our success. Our brains tend to be most susceptible to thoughts the first and last 20 minutes of the day. Bookending our days is about guarding our mindset and making sure we are mentally prepared. When we begin our days with thoughts of gratitude, it helps our brain scan for positivity; we can focus on the good things around us and go into the day with a feeling of happiness and gratefulness. As the day progresses, often we fall away from this feeling. What I suggest to many of my clients is to not just begin your day with thoughts of gratitude but carve out a few minutes at the end of the day for the same focus. For me, I take a few moments to close out my day and reflect on: What are three good things that happened today? What did I learn today? Who did I have a positive connection with today? By bookending our days, we begin and end with gratitude and positivity, allowing us to feel more centered and in control of our lives.

2. Laugh.┬áIt has been said that laughter is the best medicine, and I believe that to be true. When we laugh, we show signs of joy and happiness. It allows us to shift from a place of negativity or sadness into happiness and elation, even if just for a few moments. I encourage my clients to find laughter in each day. For me, I enjoy watching or listening to comedy shows; often I will deviate from a business podcast to something more lighthearted, or maybe just connect with a friend who I know is funny. When we laugh, it is hard to be sad. It feels good and brings us energy…

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