6 ways to practice self-love

6 ways to practice self-love

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Treating yourself with love and care can make the world of difference to your wellbeing. For those with additional challenges, such as an illness or disability, it’s not always an easy task. Here we share tips on how to bring self-love into your life

Self-love undoubtedly plays a key part in our mental health and wellbeing, and it’s easy to see why. Valuing ourselves and our bodies can motivate us to make healthier life choices, such as eating well, engaging in leisure activities that bring us joy, and having healthy relationships. These choices can contribute to greater life satisfaction which, in turn, can improve our overall wellbeing.

Still, it’s not always easy to practise self-love, especially when you’re faced with extra challenges, such as an illness or disability. But here we share some tips to help you on your way to your self-love journey…

Surround yourself with people who love and support you

You can’t solely rely on the love of others around you for your own happiness, which is why self-love is so important. However, surrounding yourself with people who love and support you can also encourage you to love yourself – and shows that you know you deserve that positivity in your life. Keep your biggest fans close – the people who respect you, the people who see your potential, and the people who encourage you to fulfil it. Listen to what these people love about you – instead of dismissing their compliments, take note of them. Try to see yourself through the eyes of people who love and support you.

Focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t

Everybody has abilities and limitations, but this can seem even more prevalent when you have an illness or disability. Try to focus on the things that you can do, rather than what you can’t. Focus on your ability to see colours, or to breathe fresh air, to make someone else smile, or to dance (even if you’re not very good at it!). Remember that hobbies don’t always have to bring you money or ‘success’. Figure out what it is that you enjoy doing, rather than what others enjoy doing, and do more of it…

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