How To Improve Your Mood In One Minute

How To Improve Your Mood In One Minute

via Forbes by Jill Douka

Is it possible to control your emotions and reform your thoughts so that they don’t affect your psychology and positive energy? Changing our mood is sometimes thought to be an unpredictable factor, a mysterious internal mechanism we don’t have any power over. I bet you would be surprised if I told you that this is a complete fallacy! We have a 100% dynamo to reset our mentality and recharge our mood. Even though managing this competency requires an honest and systematic approach through years of empathy and self-discovery, there is one simple way to witness a small sample of this unique ability. Defining our feelings and choosing to embrace happiness instead of negativity is a primary step to approaching total balance.

So, how can we change the way we feel? How is this possible when we are surrounded by stimuli that instruct the opposite of optimism and tranquility?

In my experience, having someone call you to say that they are at a dead end, really anxious and full of dark thoughts is such a common thing in life coaching. So I decided to share the following exercise with my clients and with anyone facing this dreadful feeling. This specific technique is the result of applying positive social psychology to our own, and it exhibits how precious the feeling is of enjoying acknowledgment and appreciation from the people you care about most. This is truly the most nutritious food for our brain and soul. This exercise will take you no more than a minute, and you will love it for its super quick and effective results, meaning it will turn your mind from negativity to beautiful and positive emotions in a heartbeat.

We call this exercise the “vortex exercise,” and its effectiveness is mainly based on the most common secret of life, which is none other than giving and sharing. The more you give, the more you get a more profound satisfaction because you’re alienated from your ego and the problems that you find so confusing at that moment…

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