Use the Rule of Thirds to Conquer Your Self-Doubt

Use the Rule of Thirds to Conquer Your Self-Doubt

via by Jessica Stillman

At the gym, you won’t grow stronger unless you experience a little pain. The same is true in life, according to both science and the super successful. 

One Yale study showed your brain’s learning center lights up when you’re confronted with stressful unpredictability and goes dark when your situation is stable and comfortable. Or, as one five-time entrepreneur puts it, those looking to maximize their success “should strive to have at least 70 percent of their time doing things that are really difficult” as “these are the tasks that result in the most growth.”

But while it’s a fact that doing uncomfortable, scary things maximizes personal growth, it’s equally true that it can be terrifying. How do you push yourself to take enough risks without making your life thoroughly unpleasant or stumbling into a situation you really can’t handle? On Quartz recently, Bank of the West┬áCEO Nandita Bakhshi offered a surprisingly simple (but powerful) answer. She calls it the rule of thirds…

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