9 atomic habits that will change your life

9 atomic habits that will change your life

via the Ladders by Marjolein Smit

Do you want to change your life? You don’t need to make leaps forward every single day. In Atomic Habits, James Clear explains how important small daily habits are for success. 

Here are the 9 atomic habits that you can adapt to change your life.

1. Prepare your day the night before

Take the evening to prepare for tomorrow. Pack your bag, make your lunch, and check your calendar for meetings.

It gives so much calm to your evenings, knowing that everything is ready for tomorrow. It will also bring a lot of peace in the morning. 

2. Use a timer to increase productivity

Creating a feeling of scarcity helps with productivity and reaching your goals.

3. Write down your thoughts

When you feel like you have many things on your mind, write it down. It will take your thoughts from your head to the paper. Studies have also found that journaling decreases anxiety, implying that it could have the potential to change your life. 

A great moment to write down your thoughts is right before you go to bed. Empty your mind with everything that comes up, and you will have a good night’s sleep…

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