7 ways to make yourself a happier person every day

7 ways to make yourself a happier person every day

via the Ladders by Nicolas Cole

In our daily routines fueled by drive and ambition, sometimes we find ourselves at a crossroads:

Do we push harder toward achievement, or do we take a step back and instead seek quiet happiness?

Some would argue that happiness is found in the achievement. If that’s true, then I ask for someone to show me.

Achievement is fleeting.

What matters more is the feeling underneath it

The challenge is how to navigate both worlds. Is it possible to both be in a position of power and be humble? Can you be wealthy outside and in? How does one navigate the grueling road of business or high-speed innovation, while maintaining openness and gratitude?

We do a lot of talking about both sides in themselves. The goal, however, is to merge them.

As you go about pursuing your goals, it’s important to continually ask yourself, “What makes me truly happy?” It’s OK if what you are working toward, or your day job, or even part of your daily routine is not your “end all.” What is important is that, regardless of what you’re doing, you find a way to extract positivity and fuel your happiness.

Remember: Happiness is not outside of you

It is not something you have to go find or reach or “achieve.” It is always available. It is everywhere around you. The question is, how can you tap into it over and over again?

1. Breathe

Such a cliché. So overdiscussed and misunderstood. So flagrantly mentioned in every conversation surrounding presence and self-awareness. And yet so underpracticed.

See if you can take one deep breath, one single deep breath, without letting a thought enter your mind. Just one. One inhale, one exhale. Five seconds. Try, and you will be amazed at how quickly your mind will start to convince you that what you’re doing is a waste, you have too much to do, you don’t have time for this, you have somewhere to be, etc.

Start with one single breath and then go from there. Breath is the root of all happiness — releasing stress, letting go of anxiety, and welcoming whatever your path has to offer.

2. Listen

So much unhappiness stems from a lack of listening. We tend to have trouble listening, really listening, because we are too in our heads. We think about what we’re going to say next, what the other person is thinking about us, what our facial expressions are revealing, etc.

To truly listen is to get out of your mind and into your heart. Listening is a form of presence, and it creates space between you and the other person to be heard.

Learning to listen is an art. And that art breeds happiness in both parties…

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