6 Positive Shifts in Behavior That Will Change Your Entire Life

6 Positive Shifts in Behavior That Will Change Your Entire Life

via Thrive Global by Lauren Baptiste

As 2021 unfolds in transformative ways, we are fast approaching a less than celebratory anniversary. On March 11th, 2020 the CDC declared Covid-19 a pandemic and our lives dramatically shifted. Almost a year later, we have adapted our entire ways of being to fit a lifestyle that is arguably the antithesis of how human beings usually operate. It is difficult to imagine a time where we could socialize with loved ones without a mask on.

It is completely understandable that many of us may be feeling intense fatigue these days. Sometimes when I feel extra critical of my productivity or negative feelings, I remind myself just how much strength and resilience my community and I have had to access over the past year. 

Despite these present challenges, I think this time actually presents us with a beautiful opportunity for growth. As an executive wellness coach with my firm Acheloa Wellness, I inspire my clients to incorporate holistic well-being into their daily lives. If we want to thrive in 2021 and beyond, we need to empower ourselves with positive thinking. I am a firm believer that how we speak and act indicates the level of positivity in our life. When you continue to proclaim this time as a failure and a hardship, you will see those qualities reflected in your daily life.

In order to address pandemic fatigue, I’ve incorporated positive thoughts and mental resilience practices into my day-to-day routines. The sooner we can embrace all facets of wellness–not just physical, but mental and emotional–the sooner we end our cycles of anxiety and burnout. When you commit to these 6 actions with intention and consistency, you will see the trajectory of your life change for the better. 

1. Be Compassionate: Do Not Criticize

You know that feeling when you want to pick at yourself or others close to you? We’re all familiar with the impulse to communicate in an overly critical fashion. During this time when workplace burnout, depression and anxiety are on the rise, it is crucial that we re-evaluate our communication habits and styles.

When you stop being overly critical, your work and relationships will improve. You may even notice this feeling of positivity impacting the way your body feels. Managing your stress starts and ends with embracing wellness in all five of your senses.

2. Be Tolerant: Trade Expectations for Appreciation

This one is all about perspective–sometimes we want to be control freaks, am I right? Yearning for control is understandable, particularly during a time of uncertainty. But when we trade expectations for appreciation, we actually feel less out of control. 

I want to give you an example: Perhaps the company you work for couldn’t afford to give you the raise you wanted this year. You could complain and wallow in despair. Or you can appreciate that you have income when so many do not. By incorporating positive thought and gratitude into your approach to life’s challenges, you will start to feel lighter and more motivated…

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