5 Things to Quit to Become Who You Were Created to Be

5 Things to Quit to Become Who You Were Created to Be

via Medium by Kimberly Fosu

We all have God-given dreams in our hearts and we are all capable of achieving each and every one of them, but there are certain things we must quit to get closer to becoming who we were meant to be. Those who reach their highest potential and achieve great things aren’t better. They just do things differently.

I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life because I was holding on to things that were holding me back. I grew up hearing “don’t quit” and I took it literally. I felt guilty when I let go of things that weren’t serving me. I stayed in doomed relationships and soul-crushing jobs because I didn’t want to quit. I told myself I’m not a quitter, but quitting certain things was the best thing I did for myself.

These are things I quit to become who I was created to be:

1. Waiting

I waited so long to take my calling seriously. I thought, “Just wait for the right time.” But why wait? Why not now? If I had started writing sooner than I did, I would be ahead. I waited so long because I was afraid of starting. I had to let go of the fear that was holding me back.

The time to do it is now. We must quit waiting for perfection, inspiration, permission, reassurance, to be discovered, more confidence, or a clear set of instructions to follow. Just do it now.

11:11 — If you were waiting for a sign that it’s time to go after your dreams, this is it.

2. Second-Guessing

Second-guessing is often caused by not trusting yourself. It stems from childhood — from having critical parents, being a perfectionist, having low self-confidence, and negative thinking. When you are self-confident, you are less likely to doubt your decisions or require approval from others. I had a dream of becoming a writer for so long, but I never developed the courage to step out in faith and go for it. I thought to myself, would I really make a difference? Could I add value to other people’s lives? Was it possible to make money from my writing?

I got sassy in my response to those negative thoughts: Yes, I can make a difference and add value to people’s lives. And money? As long as I followed my calling, then the universe would make a way. I had to give myself pep talks when I second-guessed myself. I didn’t have much support or encouragement, so I had to do those things for myself. I built my own self up and made positive declarations over my life and my future.

When the world doesn’t cheer you on, become your own cheerleader!

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