Self-care Rituals That Have Become Non-negotiables for Us

Self-care Rituals That Have Become Non-negotiables for Us

via Thrive Global by Marina Khidekel

We often think of self-care rituals as little luxuries in our lives, but in reality, so many of the things we do to take care of ourselves are essential for our mental well-being and should be seen as staples in our routines. 

We asked our Thrive community to share with us the small rituals and habits that have become staples for them. Which of these self-care tips will you try?

Meditating in the morning

“My morning meditation is a non-negotiable for me.  It isn’t long or complicated, but this simple practice works for me. The few times I skipped it my body felt uncentered, and it made other tasks more difficult to complete. If I feel tense during the day, I go back to my breath work, and it gives me a mental restart.”

—Kristin Meekhof, resilience and wellness expert and author, Royal Oak, MI

Scheduling “worry time”

“When the pandemic began, I was worrying all day long. It was mentally and emotionally exhausting, and I knew something had to change. I decided to designate a specific time of day to worry. I would allow myself 15-30 minutes to simply think or write down my thoughts during my ‘worry time.’ Having a specific window of time to worry stopped me from ruminating throughout the rest of the day, which reduced my stress and allowed me to be more present. Now, I set ‘worry time’ each evening, and I plan to keep this practice in place. There is always something to worry about, and I want to keep my mind clear during the day so I can be my happiest self.”

—Farrah Smith, life coach, Los Angeles, CA

Sitting outside in silence

“My go-to self-care ritual is sitting on my rooftop garden with a cup of tea, simply sitting in solitude.  I enjoy sitting there with my own thoughts, and sometimes I’ll do some breath work as well. If I feel extremely stressed that day, then I’ll sit for longer. This is how I try to shift my mood and my thoughts, and it’s become a non-negotiable for me.”

—Savitha Nanjappa, success coach, Bengaluru, India

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