‘Letting Go’ of What No longer Serves Us

‘Letting Go’ of What No longer Serves Us

via Thrive Global by Adele-Marie Hartshorn

‘Letting go’ of what no longer serves us is a hot topic in the holistic world.

What do we mean and why is it so important?

I help my clients let go of their anxious thoughts and beliefs so they can create a life that they love and a life that they deserve. We all deserve to have a rich, fulfilled, amazing and joyful life but most people don’t realise it, don’t believe that they are worthy of it or feel that they don’t deserve it!

Anxiety, depression and mental limitations stop us from truly shining our light, to its fullest. These disempowering states prevent us from being the magnificent beings that we were brought forth to be.

I work with the law of attraction, both with myself and my clients and until you let go of what is stopping you, what is holding you back then I’m afraid to say you will never get to where you want to be. Harsh? Maybe. But true.

Something that no longer serves you could be an unfulfilling relationship, a job that doesn’t satisfy you or a home that you don’t feel safe in. Or, if you want to go a little deeper; negative self talk, being unkind to yourself, a false and limiting belief about yourself and your life, unhelpful and self sabotaging behaviours and just feeling discontented with yourself and your life.

The simple truth is that if you really let go of what no longer serves you then you can make room for something that does make you happy…

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