7 Tricks to Conquer Negativity and Live Your Desired Life

7 Tricks to Conquer Negativity and Live Your Desired Life

via Thrive Global by Jessica Miller

Many of us are addicted to the negative. We read, watch, listen to, and spend most of our hours focused on what is wrong in our lives. It’s hard to imagine how people who seem happier than us do it and why we’re not able to do so as well. The dark side just seems more attractive somehow – it comes with excitement, intensity, and maybe even anger. It makes us feel alive. 

Do you feel that way? Do you see negativity as a way of life? Is it something that you could change if you wanted to? 

More than probably, the answer for many is yes. 

As simple as it may sound, however, what allows us to see and experience negativity all around us is our conditioning. It’s how we’ve been brought up, and we continue to act based on the lessons we’ve learned through this journey. And, of course, our current life circumstances are also playing their part. 

We cannot think positively, express ourselves through creativity, or live our desired life unless we can break through the conditioning. Firstly, we must consciously decide on how we want to experience the world and who we want to be as a person. Then, once the decision has been made, it is time to put in place a system and process of empowering ourselves to have the freedom to choose how we want to be instead of being told what is good for us. This is where I believe breaking negativity out of our lives begins. 

The 7 tricks below have been of great help to me in breaking negativity out of my life. I hope they will do the same for you too. 

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