How to Silence Your Inner Bully

How to Silence Your Inner Bully

via Entrepreneur by Ayetekin Tank

Everyone engages in self-talk sometimes. Take Scottish tennis pro Andy Murray, who despite his many titles has a well-documented habit of chewing himself out on the court. It’s easy to think there may be some value in the practice — if negative self-talk is so bad, then how did Murray win so much? 

But a hand-written list, apparently penned by Murray ahead of a match in 2015, reveals that he was actively working on silencing his inner critic. “Try your best,” the note instructed, followed by “Be good to yourself” and “Be intense with your legs.” 

Entrepreneurs have a lot in common with tennis players. Tennis, like starting a company, is a solitary endeavor. Emotions run high — one minute you’re up, and the next you’re down. But whether you’re on a court or in an office, the messages you’re sending to yourself will have an impact on how you perform.

The all-encompassing and often isolating nature of founding a business creates the perfect environment for destructive thoughts to take hold. Here’s how to stop them. 

Why how you talk to yourself matters

The majority of your emotions are determined by the things you think and what you say to yourself throughout the day, writes Brian Tracy, author of the book Million Dollar Habits. In other words, you become what you think about most of the time. 

If you don’t believe him, consider the science: A study from 2013 found that women suffering from anorexia angled their bodies as they walked through doorways, as though they were overweight and wouldn’t fit if they walked through normally. The way we view ourselves shapes our realities…

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