10 Things I Do When I Don’t Feel Mentally Strong

10 Things I Do When I Don’t Feel Mentally Strong

via Very Well Mind by Amy Morin

Even though I literally wrote the book on mental strength (well, four books actually), I don’t always feel mentally strong. 

There are plenty of days (and times throughout any given day) when I doubt myself, give in to temptation or let my emotions cloud my judgment.

Fortunately, I know every time I don’t feel mentally strong is an opportunity to sharpen my skills.

Here are 10 things I like to do when I don’t feel mentally strong.

Remember Hard Times I’ve Been Through Before

When I doubt whether I can get through something, I pause and remind myself of the tough things I’ve done before. In the past, I’ve been able to draw upon inner strength that I never even knew existed.

The toughest thing I’ve ever done was deliver the eulogy at my husband’s funeral. We were both 26 when he died. Standing up in front of a room full of people and talking about my husband in the past tense made his absence feel real. It was awful. 

I remind myself that if I can do that, I can get through whatever obstacle I am facing right now. Putting things in perspective helps, and it reminds me that I’m stronger than I think.

Act As If I Feel Strong

When I’m tempted to hide in the back of the room or decline an opportunity because I’m afraid, I commit to acting strong. It’s OK to feel scared and keep going anyway.

I often ask myself, “What would I do right now if I did feel mentally strong?” Then, I do whatever that is. Acting strong helps me feel strong. 

Dress Like a Superhero

When I know I’m going to do something hard, I put on a Wonder Woman shirt. It started mostly as a joke. But, I realized, putting on a superhero shirt gives me a little extra boost in confidence when I need it most.

And on the days when it isn’t appropriate to wear a superhero shirt (like when I’m speaking at a conference), I wear superhero socks or give myself another little reminder that I can channel some superhero powers if I need them.

I suspect the reason it seems to help is that a superhero shirt makes me smile. And when I feel better, I do better…

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