3 steps for strengthening your resilience at work

3 steps for strengthening your resilience at work

via Fast Company by Heather R Young

How many digital notifications do you receive throughout the day? Every device bombards users with alerts for emails, text messages, social media sites, and workplace communication apps such as Slack. Unsurprisingly, one writer discovered that they were much more productive when they turned off all their notifications. Unfortunately, most employees do not have that luxury.

There is an increasing argument that people could avoid burnout by having a right to disconnect outside of office hours. But, banning after-hours email is counterproductive in a world where we all manage our work life in different ways. After a year of remote working, the bigger problem is that many are feeling disconnected and isolated. It has become challenging to find the right balance in our lives or regain any sense of stability.

As we determine our paths forward, it’s crucial to use these unique challenges to build resilience in ourselves to return to the meaningful work that drives us. After reviewing over twenty thousand employee survey comments along with facilitating over a hundred focus groups and culture team meetings, I have created three specific strategies to use our current circumstances to help build resilience.


I liken becoming more resilient to building muscle. We cannot tone and strengthen our arms without some sort of strength training. When building muscle, it tears it before it grows. It’s hard work, we sweat a lot, and it hurts. This is precisely how building resilience works too…

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