How To Stay Positive Even When Things Are Going Downhill

How To Stay Positive Even When Things Are Going Downhill

via Forbes by Tracy Brower

Many of us are tired (exhausted, actually) and ready to be done with the pandemic and all its negative effects—on our work, our communities, our people and our wellbeing. We’ve been muscling through and staying positive, but many of us are reaching our limits.

It’s important to remain optimistic, keep going and maintain hope. That is no small challenge, but there are ways to sustain energy and forward momentum. Think of these as protective processes—ways to think and act which can help you tolerate uncertainty and difficulty to keep moving ahead.

Protective Processes

Validation and Compassion

Times are tough and glossing over challenges is actually less helpful than validating experiences. A study at Ohio State University and another at Penn State found when people felt others had listened and understood their problems, they were better able to stay positive and move forward constructively. A related study at Case Western Reserve University using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) found when people received compassionate coaching focused on the future, they experienced a positive boost in the parts of their brains responsible for cognitive, perceptual and emotional openness—contributing to better brain function overall. We can do this for ourselves as well. Validate your own feelings, be compassionate toward yourself and give yourself permission to be a little down. It’s natural to feel less than perfect with all you’ve been through…

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