How To Structure Leisure Time To Get The Most From It, From A Psychologist

How To Structure Leisure Time To Get The Most From It, From A Psychologist

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People who see leisure as a waste of time are more likely to experience anxiousness, depressive feelings, and stress, according to a recent study. Yes, finding leisure time wasteful actually hurts our mental well-being.

The study goes on to state that even without alternative plans, these individuals still didn’t enjoy non-productive leisure activities and generally didn’t find much fun in their lives.

Though we need between two to five hours of free time daily for optimal functioning, the problem with leisure, to those of us who are achievement-oriented, is that we don’t know what to do during that free time. We think that we have to be productive 100% of the time. 

Of course, asking an achievement-oriented person to just snap their fingers and force themselves to adopt the relaxing activities others seem to enjoy would essentially be asking them to get a personality transplant.

But there is a way to nestle comfortably in that sweet spot between “languid leisure” and “I need to accomplish something.” Here’s what I suggest if you’re trying to embrace leisure time.

First, start with your mindset.

You’ve heard it’s all in the mind as a way to dismiss others’ experiences. Well, this is partly in your mind, and that’s the good news. When we get your head on board, we get you on board. ..

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