How Small Changes Can Help You Build An Upward Spiral

How Small Changes Can Help You Build An Upward Spiral

via Forbes by Rob Dube

“Think positive” has become a cliché, but Scott Glassman, PsyD, learned first-hand that it takes real work — and yields real results.

Glassman was bullied in middle school, and spent a long time in his youth feeling depressed. As an adult at the University of Pennsylvania, he worked with Martin Seligman, the leading figure in positive psychology. He then went on to study health psychology, and holistic approaches to physical, spiritual and emotional health. 

All of these experiences combined in Glassman’s work at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he built the A Happier You program.

Initially, Glassman worked with patients seeking mental healthcare, who used the seven-session program to improve their coping techniques and well-being. The college was so impressed that A Happier You has now been made available to staff, faculty and students. 

Glassman has also turned the program into a book, A Happier You: A Seven-Week Program to Transform Negative Thinking into Positivity and Resilience. As with the original program, it’s designed to be followed over seven weeks, so readers can make manageable changes that have a long term positive impact.

Glassman practices what he preaches, including gratitude, self compassion, and small acts that build up to a life of positivity.  

Practice Gratitude

Making some time every day to take stock of the things in your life that you are grateful for is a small but meaningful way to steer your mental compass in a positive direction…

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