People who aren’t being nice need kindness most

People who aren’t being nice need kindness most

Do you know or work with people who’re sometimes not nice?

I’m sure you do because …. well, life!

But the real question is … how do you respond to and treat these “not nice” people? Because if you’re not nice back to them what does that really achieve?

This wonderful article by Daniel Fahey on the Positive News sites makes a strong argument for being even nicer to the people who’re not nice…

Jaime Thurston’s charity, 52 Lives, focuses on a family or individual to help in every week of the year. Here’s what she has learned about the ripple effect of kindness

This is a story about a rug. It’s a story about a rug and chopped tomatoes. A story about a rug, chopped tomatoes and kindness – and how kindness ripples through communities. But first, an advert.

Wanted: rug!!! (Or words to that effect.) That was the post Berkshire-based Jaime Thurston spotted on a website in 2013 when she was shopping for secondhand furniture. She didn’t have a rug. But the bold text and exclamation points drew her in.

Thurston emailed the advert’s author. It was a woman who wanted a rug so that her kids would stop cutting their feet on the floor. She sounded desperate.

“Where she lived was quite remote and she mentioned in the ad that she didn’t have a car,” Thurston remembers. “So, I said if somebody does donate one, I might be able to pick it up and drop it off to her.”

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