6 of the Top Happiness-Boosting Secrets from Around the World

6 of the Top Happiness-Boosting Secrets from Around the World

Happiness means different things to different people; and happiness is most definitely different in different parts of the world.

This is really cool! Because it means we can learn different things about happiness from different people and different countries and in expanding our thinking about happiness we can broaden our opportunities for creating more of it!

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t’s a common pursuit to live a happy life, but knowing how to attain that happiness can be tough. As with most things, though, learning from others can be helpful. And in this case, taking stock of worldwide happiness secrets can be a powerful tool for achieving and preserving a happy state of being.

According to Helen Russell, a journalist who has studied global happiness and wrote The Year of Living Danishly and The Atlas of Happiness, there are certain happiness-boosting habits that are common to many countries, like social interactions, exercising outdoors, and finding a work-life balance. There are also happiness-boosting tips that are more specific to to certain locales—and we can learn from these in order to imbue our own lives with more happiness.

“Understanding how different nations view happiness can impact how we interact with one another going forward.” —Helen Russell, author

That’s exactly what Russell did: “By learning from other cultures about happiness, well-being, and how to stay healthy and sane, I developed a better understanding of the challenges, subtleties, and nuances of being alive,” she says. “Learning what matters to people on the other side of the planet helps us all, since understanding how different nations view happiness can impact how we interact with one another going forward.”https://88354ee315454dcfa6dadaf115026a88.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Ahead, find six of Russell’s favorite happiness-boosting secrets from around the world—from Brazil and Italy to Sweden and beyond.

6 worldwide happiness secrets, according to a happiness researcher

1. Saudade, from Brazil

“In [Brazilian] Portuguese, there’s something called saudade, which is a feeling of longing, melancholy, and nostalgia for a happiness that once was—or even a happiness you merely hoped for,” says Russell. The concept is so central to Brazil’s culture and its people’s well-being that it’s celebrated annually on January 30 with Saudade Day. The main way this tip can function as a life booster is the opportunity it affords to connect with some form of sadness, which can sometimes function as the secret ingredient for happiness.

“Most of us will have experienced a bittersweet pleasure in moments of melancholy—[flipping] through old photos, or caring about anyone enough to miss them when they’re gone,” says Russell. But these brief moments of sadness can provide catharsis, improve our attention to detail, increase perseverance, and promote generosity, says Russell. So, she encourages folks looking for a happiness boost to “spend time remembering those [they’ve] loved and lost, then practice being a little more grateful for the ones still around.”

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