The Real Secret to Satisfaction

The Real Secret to Satisfaction

If you want less, you can be happy with what you have.

If you’re more grateful for what you have, you will want less.

And all of this has been proven to be associated with real, more genuine and lasting happiness …

Check out this article by Arthur C Brookes from the Atlantic ….

The Rolling Stones were onto something: Humans, by nature, struggle to find satisfaction, Arthur C. Brooks reports in a new feature for our magazine. But by reframing our desires, one can avoid the trap of always wanting more.

“The secret to satisfaction is not to increase our haves—that will never work (or at least, it will never last),” Arthur explains. “The secret is to manage our wants. By managing what we want instead of what we have, we give ourselves a chance to lead more satisfied lives.”

Here is Arthur’s practical advice for “how to beat the dissatisfaction curse.”

1. Go from prince to sage.

Take a cue from Thomas Aquinas or the Buddha, and focus on sharing the knowledge you’ve accumulated with others.

2. Make a reverse bucket list.

Once a year, Arthur makes two lists. First, he writes down his wants and attachments (like more money or power). Then, he envisions a happy life five years from now, and writes down the forces that could help him achieve it (like family and faith). Finally, he writes, “I confront the bucket list” and “go back to the list of things that will bring me real happiness. I commit to pursuing these things.”

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