8 Things Successful People Will Think Every Day

8 Things Successful People Will Think Every Day

Success can be defined in many different ways.

But by any definition, success in life will almost certainly include happiness!

Which is why I sometimes share articles about business or professional success, because more often than not, with just a few (usually) minor changes, what contributes to success will also contribute to happiness and a good, thriving, flourishing life.

So check out this Inc.com article, by Marcel Schwantes, and give some thought to how you can apply it, in your life, to bring you more happiness …

Ever wondered why certain people appear so confident and assured of their path to success? They seem downright happy–like they know exactly where they’re headed.

Additionally, their success may come from being able to manage conflict with ease when trouble comes their way; truth is, they’re simply more emotionally intelligent than most.

While we have to acknowledge that we’re all on different paths with different personality types pursuing different goals, one thing remains constant: The most successful people think differently. 

Their daily thoughts help to influence their actions, words, decisions, and ultimate goals. Consider some of the inner dialogue of the most successful people:

1. “I need to ask for help.”

There’s a false belief that successful people don’t, or shouldn’t, ask for help or advice from others, especially their employees. After all, they’re already successful, so they don’t really need help, right? On the contrary, research has linked people who ask for advice to being perceived as more competent than they are, which is a huge draw if you’re a leader of people. The most effective leaders I have studied and coached are emotionally present and ask for help when it’s needed. By being real, humble, and emotionally honest–and giving team members permission to be the same–teams connect and collaborate better. That’s a recipe for good business outcomes.

2. “I have to focus on the smaller goals to get to that one big goal.”

Successful people focus on achieving those smaller goals to hit their big audacious goals. To hit your own big goal this year and avoid getting overwhelmed or discouraged in the process, do what they do: Focus on knocking one small chunk down at a time, and then move on to the next one. As you break the big goal down into smaller chunks, each of those chunks should have its own deadline. For example, if your big goal is one that will take many months or the whole year to reach, take action now by setting realistic target dates to reach your objectives in the immediate future. In other words, find something you can do this week to begin taking some type of action now for next week or next month. If the overarching goal is to save money, make a budget this week for the following week. If it’s to lose weight, develop a plan to commit to losing two pounds the following week…

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