Do You Know Your Personal Energy Cycles?

Do You Know Your Personal Energy Cycles?

With all that’s happened over the last few years and all that’s continuing to happen, many of us are feeling tired, exhausted and/or burnt-out.

Even in more “normal” times, lack of energy and low motivation are common.

There are a variety of reasons for this but a few of the top ones include lack of quality sleep and not understanding and working with our own energy patterns.

This article, by Diane Dreher via Psychology Today, addresses the latter and is well worth a read …


  • Our circadian rhythms control our sleep/wake cycle and many vital body functions.
  • Going against these cycles can cause physical and emotional imbalance.
  • Working with our personal energy cycles can boost our health and creativity.

Cycles of energy are all around us and within us. In nature’s seasonal cycles, apple trees blossom in springtime and bear fruit in late summer. In autumn, their leaves fall to the ground. Slowly disintegrating, the fallen leaves enrich the soil, bringing new energy to the trees in spring.

According to the ancient wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, life is a process of alternating cycles, yin and yang, constantly moving, changing, and growing as energy circulates through all creation. On an individual level, each of us has our daily energy cycles or circadian rhythms. We have peak periods during the day when our energy flows most strongly. This is our prime time. Then, during our lag time, our energies diminish (Dreher, 2000/2022).

Our circadian rhythms originate within a part of our brains that maintains not only our sleep/wake cycle but our body temperature, blood pressure, performance level, and hormonal levels of melatonin and cortisol as well (Hofstra & de Weerd, 2008)…

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