This 5-Minute Bedtime Routine Will Make You Happier and More Productive

This 5-Minute Bedtime Routine Will Make You Happier and More Productive

Morning and daytime routines can be super helpful.

Setting yourself up early and setting up your day can markedly increase your chances of enjoying success and happiness.

But so too can bedtime routines. What you do THE NIGHT BEFORE can influence, positively or negatively, how you feel and what you’re capable of the next day.

And this article by Minda Zetlin outlines what you can do for more happiness and productivity in just 5 minutes …

Would you like to feel happier, more motivated, and better able to tackle your most important tasks? A small addition to your nightly routine that’s backed by brain science can help you do all of that. I’ve been doing it myself for the last couple of years. It’s made a big difference for me, and it will for you too.

All you need is a pencil or pen and some paper, a notebook, or a journal. You could use your phone or tablet instead, but keep in mind that most sleep experts agree that you should avoid electronics right before bedtime. The whole routine takes between three and five minutes.

1. Write: “Today, I…”

You can choose different wording if you like, but I always write the date and time and then “Today, I….” And then I write down the most important things I accomplished that day.

I can’t tell you how many times this simple exercise has lifted my spirits after I got to the end of the day feeling like I’d accomplished nothing because I hadn’t successfully completed something I planned to do. When I write down what I did get done, I suddenly realize the day wasn’t wasted after all.

You can write down as many or as few items as you like, but make sure to include the things that are most important to you. And be careful to only include the positive. I’m often tempted to write something like, “Made progress on an article today, although I didn’t complete it as I had hoped to do.” Nope. Only include what you did get done…

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