How you see the world matters

How you see the world matters

Most of you reading this would be familiar with the concept that the way we think about things is important.

Contemporary psychology has focused a lot on how our thoughts influence our feelings and behaviours and, therefore, our lives.

But where do these thoughts come from?

Well, the answer to that question requires a PhD, or several PhDs, but in short, one answer is that they come from deeper, underlying thoughts or … beliefs; sometimes called schemata. These are the fundamental ways in which we see the world, and they matter …

via Thrive Global by Jer Clifton

Like many kids of the early 2000s, I learned my life lessons from The West Wing. At one point in the show, Toby and Andrea realized that they divorced because their opposing fundamental beliefs impacted their parenting. 

Andrea: I do worry about the kids. Because instead of showing them that the world is for them, you’re going to be telling them that they have to work hard in school so they can bone up for a life of hopelessness and despair.

Toby: Wouldn’t it be ironic if our kids were the only ones who were properly prepared?

Andrea wanted to teach their kids the world is good, embrace it. Toby wanted to teach their kids the world is bad, gear up.

How common are Toby’s and Andrea’s approaches? Which helps kids more? 

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