I Don’t Deserve To Be Happy – 11 Expert Tips To Change This

I Don’t Deserve To Be Happy – 11 Expert Tips To Change This

I found this article recently because I was looking for answers myself.

Yes, that’s right, even Dr Happy feels unworthy of happiness sometimes.

It is, in fact, quite common. Which is why I’m sharing this with you all today in the hope that some of you might find it helpful, might find ways to feel more deserving, and might ultimately enjoy more happiness …

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“I feel like I don’t deserve to be happy.” 

So often, I get clients who feel the same.

Could be a survivor feeling guilty for enduring a tragedy that killed others. Or a lover who cheated on an ex.

Whether you know your reason for feeling so or not, the outcome is similar — you fear being happy. And this is wrecking your life.

So without wasting time, let’s discuss why you feel the way you feel, what to do about it, and more!

Let’s dive right into it.

Does Everyone Deserve To Be Happy?

Everyone deserves to be happy. “But some are too bad to deserve happiness!” You might say. Yet we’re not the ones to judge who deserves to be happy and who doesn’t. Otherwise, many, including you and me might be excluded. 

Let me explain further.

The bad things people do stem from many issues other than choice. Mainly, they come from a combination of ignorance (lack of knowledge of how to do any better), being hurt, and circumstances. 

So even if they’re narcissists or anything called “bad,” they deserve to be happy. Hurt people hurt people and no matter how painful dealing with a “bad” person feels, they too need love to realize how to be happy. But if you can’t forgive or help them, it’s best to distance yourself from them.

Why Do We Think We Don’t Deserve Happiness?

“So if everyone deserves to be happy,  why do I feel I don’t deserve to be happy?”

It could be because of some of these reasons …

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