The Totally Odd, Utterly Counterintuitive Way To Finally Be Happy

The Totally Odd, Utterly Counterintuitive Way To Finally Be Happy

For many, happiness is just about feeling good.

For many, happiness is about avoiding unhappiness.

For many, all this fails!

You see, unhappiness and pain and suffering is inevitable. It’s life. So trying to avoid it is a recipe for failure.

But there is another way; a more effective way. And that involves learning to live with and embrace what are sometimes called, the “negative emotions” …

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Do you find yourself avoiding experiences that could bring struggle or pain? Or battling negative thoughts and feelings?

People tend to focus disproportionately on the negative, particularly in challenging times.

The idea that negative thoughts are bad is popular in the self-help world. There’s a lot of evidence that your thoughts affect your well-being.

But are struggles and negativity always bad?

Research suggests that trying to make ourselves happy can be counter-productive and that some kinds of struggle and pain are part of a fulfilled and healthy life.

So what is the secret to building a wonderful, fulfilling life? 

Stop trying to be happy. 

Hear me out — I promise, it will make sense once you understand it (and the science behind it)!

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If you want to be happy, stop chasing happiness and allow yourself to feel pain and heartbreak. 

The science behind this truly counterintuitive theory

You might think that the key to a happy life is simply trying to be happy in each moment.

However, in his book, “The Sweet Spot”, Paul Bloom suggests that it’s not that simple.

It seems that the more importance you place on seeking happiness, the more likely you are to be lonely and depressed. Indeed, researchers have found trying to make yourself happy appears to reduce your happiness…

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