You Aren’t Having Enough Fun. Here’s How to Fix It

You Aren’t Having Enough Fun. Here’s How to Fix It

Happiness is a serious business.

At least, the mental health component of wellbeing is a very serious business.

But when it comes to enjoying a happy life, it’s important we don’t take things too seriously. In fact, it’s important we play and have fun!

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Are we all so busy doom-scrolling and binge-watching that we’ve forgotten how to have fun? Science journalist Catherine Price thinks so—but don’t despair. Her latest book, The Power of Fun, is jam-packed with research-backed hacks for finding meaning, forging connections, improving your health, and living life to the fullest—all while having a darn good time.

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We are not having enough fun.

Rufus Griscom: Are we as a society having enough fun?

Catherine Price: No, we’re definitely not having enough fun. We don’t prioritize it. We don’t think about what it really is, and we do a lot of things that are marketed to us as fun that aren’t actually fun. We’re missing out on a lot of what life has to offer, and doing bad things to our emotional and physical health, because we’re not having enough fun.

Rufus: I agree with you one hundred percent—we are not having enough fun, people! We’ve got to do something about this, Catherine.

You quote Jennifer Senior, referring to the “dirty secret of adulthood,” namely “the sameness of it, its tireless adherence to routines and customs and norms.” My gosh, that resonates for me. The sameness of it. Maybe part of the problem is adulthood.

Catherine: I would agree with that. I think that we have this assumption that, first of all, adults can’t care too much about our own fun—it’s somehow frivolous or irresponsible because there are so many horrible things going on in the world that we believe we should be paying attention to.

As you become an adult, you start to take on more and more responsibilities, whether it’s tedious stuff like laundry and cooking and taxes and paying bills, or things that are joyful but also come with a lot more responsibility, like getting married and having kids. There are a lot of things working against us when it comes to adulthood and fun…

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