Embracing Discomfort Can Help You Grow

Embracing Discomfort Can Help You Grow

This is my latest favourite topic.

The idea that despite it’s attractions, being too comfortable too often isn’t necessarily in our best interests.

Sure, comfort and security are important; but many benefits come from discomfort and many of us could benefit from actively choosing to be uncomfortable more often …

via The Greater Good by Kira Newman

There are many ways we seek comfort in life. We can find it in a warm shower, a fuzzy cuddle with a cat, or a night on the couch with no obligations.

But according to a new study, our desire for comfort could be holding us back when it comes to personal growth. If we want to improve ourselves and achieve our goals, we may want to start actively seeking out discomfort.

Researchers Kaitlin Woolley from Cornell University and Ayelet Fishbach from the University of Chicago conducted five different experiments in which over 2,100 people were engaging in personal growth activities. They ranged from taking improv classes to journaling about their emotions to learning about COVID-19, gun violence, and opposing political viewpoints.

In each activity, researchers told some participants that their goal was to feel uncomfortable and (depending on the activity) awkward, nervous, anxious, or even upset. They were told to push past their comfort zone and know that feeling uncomfortable is a sign that the activity is working.

Other participants weren’t told to embrace discomfort; instead, they simply focused on learning something or noticing if the exercise was working and how they were developing their skills.

Ultimately, the researchers found that people who aimed to be uncomfortable were more engaged in their activities, felt more motivated to keep doing them, and believed they made more progress toward their goals compared to those who weren’t seeking out this kind of vulnerability…

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