An ode to the magic, humour and strangeness of ordinary life

An ode to the magic, humour and strangeness of ordinary life

The article I’m about to share is essentially a book review.

Well, it’s a review of a book that grew out of a Twitter profile.

I don’t usually share things like this BUT I LOVE the idea behind this so much and it’s so consistent with the message I try to promote that I couldn’t resist inviting you to check it out …

via Positive News by Oliver Balch

Inspired by her popular Twitter account, a new book by Miranda Keeling is full of observations about the quiet beauty of the everyday

Having a rough day? Then picture this: ‘A man walking along Caledonian Road falls over on to the huge roll of bubble wrap he is hugging, perhaps for just this sort of situation’. 

Or this: ‘A woman glides round Tesco in blue flip-flops, gold socks and a red dress, her basket entirely full of tinned tomato soup’. Or even this: ‘Man on the tube: “I’m tired”. His wife: “Oh, we’re all tired, Brian”.’ 

Whatever your mood, wherever you are, whoever you’re with, ping, up pops a tweet like these from a day in the life of Miranda Keeling and somehow your own experience can begin to feel different. More textured. Less grey. More alive with potential. 

An actor, coach and silent meditation aficionado, Keeling has been noticing the small things in life for as long as she can remember. She’s not picky about what she observes. It could be the complex hue of an autumn leaf or the crumpled sadness on a stranger’s face. Jewels lurking in the everyday, in short. 

“As a teenager, I used to cross the Thames on the bus and I remember seeing all the people who, even when they were with friends, just wouldn’t look up,” recalls London resident Keeling. “I guess I’m just one of those people who, when I get a window seat on a bus, I have to look out of it.” 

All her adult life, she has scribbled down her day-to-day observations in a notebook. Then, 11 years ago, as a newcomer to Twitter and unsure of what to write, she took to posting her jottings

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