The Simple Question Happy People Ask Themselves Any Time They Feel Stuck

The Simple Question Happy People Ask Themselves Any Time They Feel Stuck

We all feel “stuck” sometimes.

It’s normal for progress to ebb and flow; to take a few steps forwards and then need to take one (or more) backwards.

That’s life.

But those who cope well, those who’re happier and more successful, tend to do things a bit differently; including asking themselves this super simple but wonderfully powerful question …

via Your Tango by Jean Walters

Are you feeling stuck in your career, relationship, or some other part of your life? If so, there is a key question you need to ask yourself — and you need to answer it honestly. 

“What have I been focusing on?” 

Your answer may surprise you. For instance, if your mental and emotional focus is on how bad things are, you’re likely to perpetuate those bad things.  

If your attention is centered on how you’ve been wronged or unappreciated, you will continue to find yourself in similar situations.

Rather than focus on the negative, concentrate on the myriad opportunities to express and expand yourself. If you do that, opportunity will almost certainly come your way.  

How do you get unstuck when you’re feeling stuck?

The truth is there are numerous opportunities to share, express, be active, have fun, make friends, start a new career, volunteer, or do anything else you want. In many cases, the only limitation is you.

Albert Einstein said it well. You are only limited by your imagination. How are you being open to something new? What are you allowing in your life? Where are you focusing your attention?

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