Using SUBTRACTION to ADD more happiness

Using SUBTRACTION to ADD more happiness

More often than not, we look towards addition if we’re trying to create more happiness in our lives.

That is, we look at what we can DO more of, HAVE more of, BE more of in order to FEEL more joy and positive emotion.

And there’s no doubt this can work … sometimes.

Just as there’s also no doubt this doesn’t work … much of the time.

Our society sends us so many messages about how more is better. More success and more wealth and more achievement and more possessions … will all lead to more happiness.

But will they?

Maybe. To a point. But not always. And not forever.

This post is NOT about NOT striving for more. That form of life addition has a role to play.

But this post IS about considering another option. The option of SUBTRACTION, based on the idea that (at least at times) … LESS IS MORE.

What if, then, we looked at REMOVING things (and even people) from our lives?

What if happiness came from … DOING LESS or HAVING / OWNING LESS or even seeing that particular friend or family member LESS???

Have you ever asked yourself something like … what could I REMOVE from my life that would ADD value?

If not, maybe you could ask today?!?!